Fabulous Ruby Starr

One of the first projects I got offered as I returned from my maternity leave last summer was to illustrate & design the cover for a fun middle-grade novel for one of my favorite publishing clients, Sourcebooks. They also asked me to create the black & white interior illustrations, which made for a great project to get back in the saddle with! It's my first fully illustrated novel, and the first in a 3-book series.

The story follows the highly imaginative (and hilarious!) Ruby Starr as she navigates all the important 4th grade issues—new friends, fitting in, and of course lots of drama! Her wild imagination helps her escape...but also sometimes gets her into trouble! The manuscript called for some really fun imagery that's a little out of my usual repertoire—unicorns, ogres, princesses and pickles! It was fun to push myself into some new subject matter, and I loved having the opportunity to really get into the character's head and envision all the fantasy imagery.

This is the first in the series of Ruby Starr's adventures is set to pub this summer and available for pre-order now!