Love to the victims of yesterday’s tragedy and their families, love to our hurting city, love to its Jewish community, love to my Jewish friends near and far, love to all who are victims of hate, racism, sexism, xenophobia and homophobia in this broken society of ours. It’s so hard to know what to do or say at a time when we are all struggling to make sense of such horrific acts, and wanting to comfort those suffering. Kindness, compassion and empathy for one another is a start. We all need to keep our hearts and doors open to those in need, and especially to those who are different than us. Practice tolerance and acceptance everyday, and teach it to our children. Reject hateful rhetoric. And, elect strong leaders at local and top levels who will guide us with morality rather than enable and encourage hatred, division, and extremism. We must put love into action to see change and erase hate. ❤️