Road Trippin'!

Counting down the moments until I leave at the end of the week for an amazing west coast road trip! I have always ALWAYS wanted to drive down the California coast—and it's finally happening! I fly out to Portland on Friday, and we'll be making our way down to San Diego over the following week—stopping along the way to see some friends and lots of new places: Napa Valley, San Francisco, Big Sur, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica...might even cross the border and hit up TJ!


In anticipation, I created this new little illo!




I'm incredibly excited for this adventure to begin—and hope to come back with loads of beautiful pictures, and even more inspiration!


In the meantime, I've been working on a new promo mailer, and getting together some items to open both an Etsy and Zazzle shop in September; Ready to kick start some big plans I have for this upcoming year, so please stayed tuned!